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General Discussion / David Munrow childhood artifacts in storage at the V & A London
« Last post by sarahk on September 20, 2017, 08:58:43 AM »
Apologies if I'm about to repeat information that someone has already mentioned, but here goes:

The V & A has in storage several vintage 1950s items that were created or owned by David Munrow.  The items include the following:

- three vintage 1940s teddy bears (called Eddy, Ginge, and Humph), two of whom are in impressively good condition;

- correspondence addressed and written to the above teddy bears, who apparently lived in a bedroom in Munrovia Brum (ha ha); and

- an exercise book, on which Munrow wrote Plays by DJ Munrow on the cover, which consists of four "very well written" (according to the V & A's website) plays.  Teddy bears Eddy, Ginge, and Humph are cast in several roles.

I assume Munrow must have been around 10 to 12 years old when he wrote these plays and letters.  By the slant of his handwriting, I also assume he was left handed!

How could an adult, let alone a child, write with vintage 1950s fountain pens?  Impossible.

You can find photos of the above items by searching the V & A's website.  This is all brand new news to me.  Hope this isn't old news to other forum readers.
General Discussion / Vicenza 1974.....A Rare Recording...
« Last post by piedpiper on June 03, 2017, 12:55:52 PM »

The following may be of interest...
Yes, it's part of the BBC Genome project, which scanned all the Radio Times magazine listings from 1923 to 2009. Some recent (radio) programmes are available on BBC iPlayer, but still no sign of his Ancestral Voices tv programme, or his Pied Piper series...

Amongst the fascinating tv programmes Munrow appeared on were:

1. An edition of the music quiz Face The Music, on 7th December, 1974.

2. So You Thought It All Started with Bach, presented by Clement Freud.
Elliot on Munrow

Some interesting BBC searches...

As indicated in the link there are other pages  (9) of other entries in connection with Munrow.....
Thanks for the heads up Robert - certainly one for the archive!
David Munrow Remembered / Folk music into early music
« Last post by falsettist on February 09, 2017, 02:58:03 PM »
Hello everyone,

I wrote a PhD about David Munrow and his performances of medieval music a few years ago which you can now read via the British Library's PhD thesis database:

You may be interested to know that I'm presenting a short course on 19th February (with Toby Manning) about the Folk music and Early music revivals. During this course I will be giving presentations about Munrow's approach to vibrato and also about some of the folk recordings in his record collection. I will also be talking about the work of Michael Morrow and Musica Reservata. Details of the course are here:

Very best wishes to all,

Edward Breen
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